IMUX Brochures & Manuals

Brochures and product manuals for the IMUX 2000 series of products, including the IMUX 2000 T1/E1 Multiplexer, IMUX 2000 T1/E1 MDACS, IMUX 2000 T1/E1 8 Port DACS, and the IMUX MTS Transfer Trip Module.

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IMUX 2000 Brochures

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IMUX 2000 T1/E1 Brochure - April 2013

IMUX 2000 8-Port DACS Brochure - April 2013

IMUX 2000 T1/E1 MDACS Brochure - April 2013

IMUX 2000 Manuals

Operating manuals for the IMUX 2000 series of products are available for registered customers.

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IMUX 2000 T1/E1

IMUX 2000 T1 Manual
(MCD-2000-CM4-T1 8-7-12) (7.9MB)

IMUX 2000 E1 Manual
(MCD-2000-CM4-E1 7-22-08) (14.4MB)


IMUX 2000 Intelligent E1 MDACS Manual
MCDMDACS-E1-009(1-1-13) (16.6MB)

IMUX 2000 Intelligent T1 MDACS Manual
MCDMDACS-T1-009(1-1-13) (16MB)

IMUX MDACS E1 Quick Start Guide
(MCD-MDACS-E1 8-1-08) (13.4MB)

IMUX MDACS T1 Quick Start
(MCD-MDACS-T1 8-1-08) (17.3MB)

IMUX 2000 8 Port DACS

IMUX 8-Port DACS Manual
(MCDDACSR 4-18-07) (5.4MB)

Other IMUX 2000 Manuals

IMUX Visual NMS Quick Start Manual
(MCD-2000-VNM) (1.7MB)

IMUX 2000 SNMP Access Gateway
(MC-2000-SNMP) (August 2009) (488KB)

IMUX Modules Current Draw VS Power Supply Capacity
(XLS, 40KB)

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