Packet-based Communications

Multi-service Ethernet

Packet-based solutions address your utility substation communications objectives by accommodating full IP migrations. Our designs prepare you for requirements that may evolve over the years ahead while maintaining support for legacy protocols that remain operational.

eXmux® 3501 IP Access Multiplexer

Our substation-hardened IP access multiplexer transports voice, serial, relaying protection, SCADA, video, and Ethernet data communications over Ethernet/IP or MPLS networks. Engineered for mission- critical infrastructure, it provides both backward compatibility with legacy devices and forward compatibility with Ethernet devices on the same communications platform. The distinctive “hitless switching” feature delivers zero-data-loss path recovery technology and a digital access cross-channel (DACS) function for cross-connecting DS0s between T1/E1 circuits and/or the eXmux® 3501 interface unit. The 3501 is designed for harsh applications and is interoperable with the previous 3500 model.

Two chassis configurations are available. A compact model provides an economical solution. The mission-critical model adds hot-swap module capabilities for all function cards.

eXmux® 4500 Multi-service Access & Transport Platform

Our multi-service access & transport (MSAT) platform addresses the challenges of network IP migration and infrastructure upgrades. It allows utilities to modernize substations without the worry of future integration or legacy applications.

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