PLC Hybrids

RFL offers a wide range of Hybrid equipment for a complete Power Line Carrier solution. These products include Balanced, Skewed, Splitter and Combiner Hybrids.


Power Line Carrier Hybrids

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RFL Power Line Carrier Hybrid Pro™ System

RFL Power Line Carrier Hybrid Pro™ System
  • Single-card module design for ease-of-use.
  • Front BNC test points eliminate the need for adapters.
  • Improved port labeling for easy identification.
  • Convenient reflected power meter connections to eliminate circuit interruption during testing.
  • Space-saving Splitter, Splitter/Combiner, and Bypass hybrids occupy one chassis slot.

Download the RFL Power Line Carrier Hybrid Pro™ System Flyer (PDF)

About Hybrids

Hybrids are passive devices used to couple power line carrier (PLC) signals to/from the transmission line for relay protection communication channels. The hybrids are the interface between PLC transmitters and receivers in the control building and the line tuner in the switchyard. They are installed in a 1RU chassis which is typically installed next to the transmitters/receivers. Generally, hybrids perform two basic, simultaneous functions:

Isolate transmitters from transmitters, or transmitters from receivers

  • Prevent transmitters from loading/interfering with each other
  • Prevent local transmit signals (high level) from appearing as noise to local receive signals (low level)

Combine and split signals to set them up for the appropriate line coupling scheme

  • Onto one coax cable for single-phase-to-ground coupling
  • Onto two or three coax cables for phase-to-phase and 3-phase (mode 1) coupling

An ideal hybrid would perform these functions at no cost. However, a price is paid – a loss of signal power through the hybrids. The most common hybrid names are also a description of their loss characteristics: a balanced hybrid is so named because the losses are “balanced” (equal), while in a skewed hybrid the losses are “skewed” (unequal). Hybrid design and PLC channel design must take these losses into account to minimize their effect on the channel performance. Improper application of hybrids will result in excessive channel losses, inadequate isolation between channels, or both.

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