Efficient Use of Available Comms Channels Reduces Costs

Appropriate communications channels for protection applications are costly and are often in short supply. Digital multiplexing makes efficient use of available communications channels to reduce costs by limiting the number of independent circuits required.

Communications Multiplexing

The benefits of multiplexing digital interfaces into a single digital interface include:

  • Leveraging teleprotection channels by combining with digital relay channels
  • Avoiding use of additional multiplexing communications equipment

Supported interfaces:

  • Long Haul Fiber
  • C37.94
  • RS232
  • RS449/X.21/V.35
  • G.703
  • T1/E1

Use Multiple Comms Technologies & Mediums to Establish a Common Point-to-Point Comms Path

Substations are sometimes located in hard-toreach places. That can make it difficult to establish a common communications path from one point to another. Using multiple communications technologies and mediums to create an end-to-end channel can solve this problem. Preform a conversion operation between two communications channels to provide one continuous circuit. When done internally at a logic level within one device, this can be accomplished with minimal additional latency.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular platform with wide range of functional modules and diverse communications options and fully customizable logic
  • Eliminates the need for multiple devices but maintains redundancy requirements for critical applications
  • One common platform for a wide range of protection and communications applications reduces the costs associated with maintaining multiple platforms of equipment
  • Assures reliability, security, dependability, and low latency for real-time critical applications

Featured Product: GARD 8000® and GARD Pro®

Designed specifically for protection applications, this advanced communications platform provides users with a fully programmable system that can be used for Direct Transfer Trip, Permissive Transfer Trip, Blocking, Unblocking and Phase Comparison applications. One unique flexible platform handles analogue, digital, and Ethernet communications with multiple interfaces combined in one unit. The interfaces can be programmed together or independently, according to the needs of the application.

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