Brochures and product manuals for legacy products, including the 6700, 6800, 9300, 9660, 9800, and 9850.

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Legacy Product Manuals

Operating manuals for RFL legacy products are available for registered customers.

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Legacy IMUX 2000 Products

IMUX 2000 E CM6B Manual
(MCD2000E-001 7-1-08) (11.7MB)

IMUX 2000 T1 Multiplexer Intelligent Line Switch Manual
(MCD-2000R 3-1-08) (16.4MB)


RFL 68P TX Programmable FSK Tone Transmitter Manual
(RFL-68P-TX) (Jun 1993) (1.6MB)

RFL 68P RX Programmable FSK Tone Receiver Manual
(RFL-68P-RX) (Dec 1993) (2.3MB)

RFL 98

RFL 98 TMX Programmable Telemetry Transmitter Manual
(RFL-98-TMX) (Aug 2001) (2.5MB)

RFL 98 TMR Programmable Telemetry Receiver Manual
(July 2000) (6.43MB)


VS 800 Manual Rev. 1
(Jan 2002) (VS-800) (256KB)

Series 2056R

Series 2056R Voice Frequency Tone Channels Manual
(1972) (3.35MB)

3200 Products

RFL Model 3253 Protective Relaying Channel Manual

6700 Products

RFL 6720P Manual

RFL 6780 Manual

RFL 6780P Manual
(April 2002) (10.8MB)

RFL 6780AM Manual

RFL 6785P Manual
(November 2001) (9.5MB)

RFL 6710 Frequency-Shift Audio-Tone Protective Relaying System Manual

RFL 6745 Frequency-Shift Audio-Tone Protective Relaying System Manual

67 Universal Card Manual

RFL Model 675 Tone Relaying Test Set Manual
(Nov. 2005) (12MB)

9100 Products

9150A & B 50W Power Supply Manual

9110 10W Power Supply Manual

9125B 25W Power Supply Manual

9300 Products

RFL 9300 v10 Manual
(Sept 2007) (MCD9300R-010) (28.6MB)

RFL 9300 DCE Emulator Manual v1
(Dec 2002) (146KB)

RFL 9301C (Spanish Manual)

9500 Products

RFL 9505 Manual
(January 1995) (10MB)

RFL 9506 Manual
(January 1995) (1.9MB)

9850 TX FSK Manual

9850 RX Programmable FSK Tone Receiver Manual

RFL 9660

RFL 9660 Manual
(4-24-07) (17.1MB)

9700 Products

RFL 9720 Pilot Wire Interface Manual

9800 Products

RFL 9850 TX/RX Programmable FSK Tone Transceiver Manual
(September 2005)

RFL 9831 Manual
(Mar 2004) (267KB)

9800 Programmer Calibrator

Loopback Test System

Loopback Test System Manual

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