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eXmux® 3501M - IP Access Multiplexer

eXmux® 3501< - IP Access Multiplexer

eXmux® 3501M - IP Access Multiplexer

Engineered for mission critical infrastructures.

  • Provides module hot-swap capabilities for uninterrupted service while adding or repairing circuits
  • Communicates over Ethernet/IP or MPLS networks for current and future requirements
  • Protects critical data with zero-data-loss “Hitless Switching” for critical relay channel reliability
  • Incorporates an Advanced user interface and cyber security features meeting NERC CIP requirements

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Protection System

The GARD Pro® Power Line Carrier system is built on our proven GARD 8000® hardware platform, but boasts a completely new, web-based user interface & Touch Screen Display (TSD) that make the unit easy to configure, commission, and monitor your system quickly and efficiently.

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RFL Introduces the New eXmux® 3501 Teleprotection System


The eXmux® 3501 Teleprotection System provides an integrated end-to-end teleprotection function in the eXmux® 3501 IP Access Multiplexer. The teleprotection system comprises of an eXmux® TPS Interface Unit and a 1 RU TPS I/O Box, providing a teleprotection channel over Ethernet/IP or MPLS network using TDM over IP. It is mid-span compatible with the IMUX 2000 T1/E1 multiplexer MTS Teleprotection system.

The eXmux® 3501 Teleprotection system provides 4 bidirectional transfer trip commands point-to-point between two peer units or between one unit and an IMUX 2000 MTS unit. The system allows the transport of two independent 4 function inputs/outputs; in addition to 2 controlling inputs logic and 2 outputs for alarming & status for each TPS I/O unit.

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The GARD 8000® Teleprotection System is now available with SNMP V3 alarm reporting.

GARD 8000® Teleprotection Channel is now available with SNMP V2 Alarm reporting option for digital and analog systems.

The GARD 8000® Teleprotection channel can generate SNMP V2C traps in the event of an alarm condition. The alarm traps are programmable. The GARD 8000® has HMI Output bits which can be defined by the user to refer anything in the system logic. This includes alarms and trip inputs/outputs. By using the built in web interface, each HMI output can be assigned a text label by the user. If an alarm event occurs a trap will be generated and will include the version number (V2C Notification), the RFL OID and the "timestamp".

To learn more about this new option, contact RFL today.

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