RFL 4500


Leave Nothing Behind

RFL™ eXmux® 4500
Bringing Your
Network Forward
On Your Terms

The eXmux® 4500 Multi-Service Access & Transport (MSAT) Platform addresses the challenges of network migration and infrastructure upgrades for power utilities. This solution bridges the gap between legacy and modern technologies and allows you to move your network forward without leaving anything behind—on your terms.

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without compromise

Dependable communications that guarantee network resiliency and data survivability

Modernization without degrading the performance of older, trusted equipment

Security that goes beyond NERC CIP and industry best practices to ensure data availability, integrity, and confidentiality, including optional two-factor authentication

I get all of the benefits of a modernized network without compromising reliability, survivability, operational network needs, and security.

management platform

Fast network provisioning – move from staging to deployment in just hours

System-wide configuration, status, and monitoring for increased efficiency

Management system displaying the entire network’s status reduces user error and speeds up troubleshooting

and leave nothing behind

Reduce network complexity and bridge knowledge gaps

Assure technological cooperation for T/OT convergence

Migrate legacy TDM into packet based Carrier Ethernet or MPLS Network with Transport Profile

The guided system configuration helped both our seasoned engineers as well as newer hires work seamlessly during network migration.

your infrastructure

Extensible platform that eliminates the vicious cycle of legacy equipment vs. modern technology

Single integrated network solution to deliver power safely, reliably, and securely

Our company currently keeps OT and IT communications separate, but this system will allow us to converge them when we’re ready.

eXmux® 4500
Move your network forward without leaving anything behind—on your terms.


  • 10-Gig Carrier Ethernet/MPLS-TP* Access and Transport Communications Platform
  • Redundant controller & network multiple points of failure protection
  • G.8032 Ethernet ring protection with sub 50ms switch-over time
  • “Hitless Switching” functionality with zero-data-loss to protect mission-critical TDM data
  • Low latency with < 3ms circuit propagation delay for real-time mission-critical applications
  • TDM legacy interfaces including DACS functionality
  • Encryption - Data and Management
  • “Secure Lockdown” (Patent pending) – two-factor authentication for increased security


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