RMA Repair Requirements

If a repair is needed, please submit an RMA request online, or download and complete the RMA Request Form below at your convenience. RFL will provide you with an RMA No. or contact you for further information within 24 hours.

Warranty Repair

RFL products come with a standard one-year factory repair warranty covering component replacement and labor costs. RFL 9745, eXmux® 3501, RFL3200, and all RFL 3000 series product warranty extends to three (3) years, the IMUX 2000 product warranty extends to five (5) years, whereas the GARD 8000®, product warranty extends to ten (10) years. The warranty period begins from the date of the equipment shipment. During the warranty period, RFL may, at its option, repair or replace components that prove to be defective at no cost to the customer except the one-way shipping cost of the failed part or module to the factory’s Repair Department. All equipment returned to RFL must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to return. All parts or modules are normally repaired and returned within ten working days. Special overnight service can be arranged, subject to material availability.

Out of Warranty Repair

After the warranty period has expired, out-of-warranty repair is performed exactly the same as warranty repair, except there is a repair charge. All components replaced on repaired items will be covered under warranty for one year from date of repair.

Warranty Extensions

Extended warranty is available upon request.

Obsolete Product Repairs

RFL can no longer service, repair, or provide new parts for the following models: RFL 6644, RFL 9660, RFL 9700, and RFL 9720. For information regarding upgrading your system to new RFL products, please contact the Sales Department at 973-334-3100 and request a Sales Engineer.

RMA Request Form Download

Download the RMA Request Form to fill out and e-mail at your convenience.

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