• GARD PLC Pro
  • GARD PLC Pro Touch Screen Display Interface
  • GARD PLC Pro Touch Screen Display Interface

Product Description

The GARD Pro™ Single Function PLC channel is a product that can be programmed as Frequency-Shift Keyed (FSK) power line carrier system or as an amplitude-modulated ON/OFF powerline carrier terminal.

The unit is designed for pilot protection relaying applications, requiring high-speed reliable communications. The GARD Pro™ can be programmed for On/Off type directional comparison blocking (DCB), direct transfer trip, (DTT) Unblocking (DCU), permissive (PTT), or either single- or dual-phase comparison applications.

The extensive sequence of events and diagnostic features provide information for the GARD Pro™ and integrated PLC modules. The chassis is available in both a 3U version which can support one PLC system, or a 6U version which can support up to four PLC systems.

The unit is available with front panel direct reading (in dB) digital meter to indicate receive signal strength. Each unit also comes with an external carrier level indicator output for use with external measuring devices such as a panel meter or an analog RTU input.

Now supports DNP3 and SNMP remote management protocols for integration with management systems.

New product features include:

  • DNP3 Support
    • Includes binary inputs, binary outputs, analog inputs and counters
    • New binary input points for all logical SOE triggers
    • Improved DNP performance with faster response time and sensitivity
    • Connections for up to three masters; two TCP/IP and one serial RS-485
  • SNMP Support
    • Sends SNMP traps to 1-5 receivers
    • SNMP "Get" with v3 authenticated access for all system configuration parameters

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New Web Browser Interface

The GARD Pro™ System is designed with ease-of-use in mind. While high functionality and great detail is provided, the GARD Pro™ User Interface makes interaction with the device highly intuitive and handling greatly simplified.

All interaction with the GARD Pro™ System is made by the use of a standard web browser. The web pages reside in the device: no special application software is required on the PC.

A PC is connected to the front Ethernet TCP/IP port with a standard Ethernet cable. It is fast and simple to view device status, access diagnostic and test functions and to change settings. Emulating the operations of a standard web site, navigation is intuitive and eliminates the need to study written instructions. If needed, the instruction manual, that also resides in the device, is simply accessed by the HELP function.

For off-line preparation of settings and configuration files, a small application program "emulating" a GARD Pro™ System can reside on a PC or local server. Archiving and documenting settings and configuration is made simple as these are stored in standard text files.

New - Touch Screen Display Interface

GARD PLC Pro Touch Screen Display Interface

The GARD Pro™ is available with an optional Touch Screen Display (TSD) Interface that provides the ability to monitor system status and SOE, and perform calibration and testing functions without connecting your PC.

The GARD Pro™ TSD user interface is all new with redesigned pages keeping ease-of-use in mind. Status pages will now provide live information without the need to manually refresh.

The new GARD Pro™ TSD includes Powerline Carrier commissioning functionality. This provides the ability to calibrate the PLC receiver from the TSD without the use of a PC allowing the ability to commission the unit from the front panel.

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System Features

  • New intuitive web browser user interface for setting and diagnostics; no proprietary application program required
  • Fourth-generation RFL PLC system
  • Remote access via Ethernet, RS485
  • New Front-panel Touch-Screen Display for Calibration, Status, SOEs, and Testing
  • Intuitive Alarm Reporting
  • User-defined logic and alarms for your specific applications
  • Optional built-in GPS receiver
  • DNP3, Level 2 compliant (future)
  • Full system redundancy option available
  • Facilitates NERC-CIP compliance
  • Easily save/compare configuration files
  • 10 Year Warranty

Single Function PLC Features

  • One product for all ON/OFF and FSK (2F/3F) PLC applications
  • Up to four ON/OFF or FSK modules can be supplied in one 6U chassis
  • Front-Panel CLI meter standard
  • One output filter for all frequencies, 30-500kHz
  • Built-in skewed hybrid available
  • One-click receiver calibration
  • Integrated Reflected Power measurement
  • Full system redundancy option
  • 10W, 50W, and 100W Power Options
  • Built-in Checkback with remote-initiate and hard carrier request
  • Backward-compatible checkback (all 4 previous generations of RFL PLC)
  • Complies to latest ANSI C93.5-1997 Single Function PLC Standard

ON/OFF Operation


  • Frequency programmable: Frequency programmable from 30 to 500 kHz in 125 Hz increments, without hardware changes.
  • Output Power: Programmable for 1 watt, 3 watt, or 10 watt levels. Output power is displayed on optional front PDA and is remotely accessible. The unit is available with 50W and 100W options in external 3RU chassis.
  • Output Impedance: 50-Ohm standard. 75-Ohm available
  • Frequency Stability: +/- 10 Hz
  • External Keying Inputs: Carrier Start, Stop, Reserve Signal Key, and Check Back Test Initiate. Customized logic can be programmed for all inputs. All inputs programmable active high or low to operate at the following nominal voltage levels: 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 125 Vdc, 250 Vdc. Active inputs are recorded in SOE files and their status displayed on the optional front TSD.


  • Frequency programmable: Programmable from 30 to 500 kHz in 125 Hz increments, without hardware changes.
  • Receiver Calibration: One-click commissioning. The receiver sensitivity will self adjust to the actual receive level.
  • Receiver Input Impedance: Terminated: 50-Ohm or 75-Ohm. Unterminated: > 30-kOhm.
  • Dynamic Range: >40dB
  • Receiver Bandwidth, Channel Spacing and Channel Delay Times: Receiver bandwidth is user selectable from the following, without hardware changes. The channel times are inclusive of the GARD Pro System.
    • 500 Hz Nominal Bandwidth, 5 ms Total Channel Delay Time, 1 kHz Channel Spacing
    • 1000 Hz Nominal Bandwidth, 3 ms Total Channel Delay Time, 2 kHz Channel Spacing
    • 1500 Hz Nominal Bandwidth, 1.5 ms Total Channel Delay Time, 3 kHz Channel Spacing
  • Receiver Outputs: The receiver can be provided with the following standard outputs; or programmed for specific applications:
    • Block received
    • Transmitter Fail/Hardware Alarm
    • Checkback fail alarm
    • Checkback test in progress
    • Guard output status
    • High percent reflected power alarm
    • Logic alarm
  • Automatic Checkback Operation: The PLC system is supplied with an internal automatic carrier checkback program. The checkback code structure, and programming is compatible with the existing RFL GARD 8000, 9785, 6785P, and 6720P checkback systems. The checkback can also be manually initiated from either end.
    This system consists of two modes, normal and hard carrier. In normal mode, a code is on-off modulated onto the powerline and a response code is returned at full or reduced power by the receiving station. In hard carrier, instead of a response code, the receiving station responds by turning on its carrier at full or reduced power for a programmed period of time.



  • Frequency programmable: Frequency programmable for either 2F, or 3F operation, from 30 to 500 kHz in 125 Hz increments, without hardware changes. Output frequency settings are available on the optional front-panel TSD.
  • Frequency Shift: Standard frequency shifts of +/- 100 Hz +/- 250 Hz, and +/- 500 Hz are available.
  • Output Power: User programmable for the following power output levels:
    • 1W guard/1W trip
    • 1W guard/10W trip
    • 3W guard/10W trip
    • 10W guard/10W trip
    • Optional 50W guard/50W trip available
    • Optional 100W guard/100W trip available
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohms standard, 75 Ohms available
  • Frequency Stability: +/- 10 Hz

Trans Hybrid Loss Measured

  • The trans-hybrid attenuation value is also available to the system. The amount of the transmitter leaking back into the receiver will be measured. This attenuation includes the effect of any receive filter. This feature eliminates the need for frequency selective voltmeters to perform routine carrier maintenance testing.


  • Frequency programmable: Programmable from 30 to 500 kHz, in 125 Hz increments, without hardware changes.
  • Receiver Level: The receiver sensitivity self adjusts to the incoming signal strength. The actual signal level is available for display on the optional front-panel TSD, remotely via TCP/IP or RS-485 interface or on a local laptop.
  • Receiver Sensitivity: Minimum = 5 mVrms, Maximum = >25 Vrms
  • Receiver Input Impedance: Terminated mode, 50- or 75-Ohm. Unterminated mode, > 30-kOhm.
  • Dynamic Range: >40dB
  • Receiver Bandwidth, Channel Spacing and Channel Delay Times: Receiver bandwidth is user selectable from the following, without hardware changes.
    • 200 Hz Nominal Bandwidth, +/- 100 Hz Frequency Shift, 13 ms Total Channel Delay Time, 500 Hz Unidirectional Channel Spacing, 1000 Hz Bidirectional Channel Spacing
    • 500 Hz Nominal Bandwidth, +/- 250 Hz Frequency Shift, 8 ms Total Channel Delay Time, 1250 Hz Unidirectional Channel Spacing, 2500 Hz Bidirectional Channel Spacing
    • 1000 Hz Nominal Bandwidth, +/- 500 Hz Frequency Shift, 6 ms Total Channel Delay Time, 2500 Hz Unidirectional Channel Spacing, 5000 Hz Bidirectional Channel Spacing


  • The Transmit and Receive Levels are measured and can be accessed remotely. If the receive level drops below a preset value an alarm will activate.

Reflected Power Measurement

  • The power reflected due to mismatch of the power line coupling equipment is measured every second and available when requested. There is also a user-programmable reflected power alarm level.

Files Available in the Customer Area

Please visit Operating Manuals or Product/Software Downloads to download relevant files. Requires RFL Customer Account.

Please visit Operating Manuals or Product/Software Downloads to download relevant files. Requires RFL Customer Account.

GARD Pro™ Emulators

The RFL GARD Pro™ Emulator will simulate a complete GARD Pro™ system without the need for an actual GARD Pro™ chassis. The Emulator will allow the user to pre-configure a system by selecting which GARD Modules are included in the final system, thus allowing for a Whole Chassis Configuration to be saved and loaded into an actual GARD Pro™ chassis. Conversely Whole Chassis Configuration files saved from an actual GARD Pro™ chassis can be loaded into the Emulator. The Emulator will familiarize the user with the web driven capabilities of the GARD Pro™ System and can be used as a teaching tool in the field. The GARD Pro™ Emulator will show simulated status information. As a result status information is actual and is not transferred between the Emulator and GARD Pro™ chassis. Note that because this is an emulator there are slight differences in menu options from an actual GARD chassis.

The Emulator Software is conveniently loaded onto the user's PC. The software, when loaded, also includes a user manual which will step you through using the Emulators. Examples of how the Emulator can interact with a GARD Pro™ chassis are also described.

Please note that there are specific versions of Emulators corresponding to the different versions of System Software that is loaded into the GARD Pro™. In order to maintain compatibility with newer versions of GARD Pro™ System Software please download and use the latest version available. Emulator software is backwards compatible with previous versions of GARD Pro™ System Software.

If you should have any questions please call our Customer Service department at 973-334-3100 x226 and they will be glad to provide assistance.

GARD Pro™ Emulators Available:

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