GARD Pro™ 61850 Gateway

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GARD Pro™ IEC 61580 Gateway

Product Description

The GARD Pro™ IEC 61850 Gateway is an option to the GARD Pro™ protection communications platform for supporting IEC 61850 Edition 2 applications. Utilities can now utilize legacy communications channels, for protection applications, between digital IEC 61850 stations. As a result, there is no need to establish secure Ethernet channels between stations as existing digital networks or Powerline Carrier may be used. Other new features include; separate station bus and process bus ports, Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) for redundant GOOSE communications, Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) for system control and status management, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for clock synchronization and IEC 61850 Edition 2 test and simulation modes.

The GARD Pro™ IEC 61850 Gateway is based on the existing GARD 8000/Pro platform and shares much of the existing hardware. New to the GARD Pro™ IEC 61850 Gateway is a Controller module, System I/O and Midplane. Otherwise all hardware is the same.

The systems Graphical User Interface (GUI) is based on the existing GARD Pro™ interface and includes all settings and status information pertaining to the IEC 61850 application. This user interface serves as the IEC 61850 IED configuration tool and supports the importing of standard SCL files including, SCD and CID. When not connected to the device GARD Pro™ Emulator software is available for PCs and includes the same functionality.

As with all other GARD Pro™ products, the following features are included:

Easy-to-use Web Browser Interface

The GARD Pro™ System is designed with ease-of-use in mind. While high functionality and great detail is provided, the GARD Pro™ User Interface makes interaction with the device highly intuitive and handling greatly simplified.

Optional Touch Screen Display

The GARD Pro™ is available with an optional Touch Screen Display (TSD) Interface that provides the ability to monitor system status, SOE, and perform calibration and testing functions without connecting your PC.

DNP3 Support

  • Includes binary inputs, binary outputs, analog inputs and counters/li>
  • Binary inputs for all logical SOE triggers, including timestamp information/li>
  • Improved performance with faster response time and sensitivity/li>
  • Connections for up to three masters; two TCP/IP and one serial RS-485/li>

SNMP Support

  • Sends SNMP traps to 1-5 receivers
  • SNMP "Get" with v3 authenticated access for all system configuration parameters/li>
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