eXmux® 3501 Teleprotection System

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EXMUX 3501 TPS - Teleprotections System

Product Description

The eXmux® 3501 Teleprotection System provides an integrated end-to-end teleprotection function in the eXmux® 3501 IP Access Multiplexer. The teleprotection system comprises of an eXmux® TPS Interface Unit and a 1 RU TPS I/O Box, providing a teleprotection channel over Ethernet/IP or MPLS network using TDM over IP. It is mid-span compatible with the IMUX 2000 T1/E1 multiplexer MTS Teleprotection system.

The eXmux® 3501 Teleprotection system provides 4 bidirectional transfer trip commands point-to-point between two peer units or between one unit and an IMUX 2000 MTS unit. The system allows the transport of two independent 4 function inputs/outputs; in addition to 2 controlling inputs logic and 2 outputs for alarming & status for each TPS I/O unit.

Transfer Trip over Ethernet/IP/MPLS

Provides Teleprotection channel over an Ethernet/IP or MPLS network

Programmable Logic

Supports a number of programmable logic functions including auxiliary controlling inputs

Communication Interface

Two independent 64kb/s DS0 using TDM over IP technology with future option to include Serial to IP with encryption


4 Optically isolated inputs with 2 auxiliary controlling inputs logic and 4 outputs with solid state and relay options

Sequence of Events (SOE)

Maintains 1500 SOE records, each time stamped with 1 ms accuracy and synchronized via NTP/SNTP or IEEE 1588 network timing signals

IMUX 2000 MTS Compatibility

Mid-span compatibility with IMUX 2000 T1/E1 multiplexer MTS Teleprotection module for ease of migration to IP

Hitless Teleprotection Channel

Teleprotection channel packets are sent simultaneously both ways around the ring for a zero-data-loss path recovery, providing high dependability/availability using TDM over IP

User Friendly Interface

User interface via the slickest eXmux® 3501 Visual Network Management Software for an effortless user friendly experience and easy system management

Point-to-Multipoint Functionality*

Future capability to include point-to-multipoint communications providing integrated multipoint Teleprotection functionality between multiple substations (*Future)

Technical Specifications

Programmable Logic

  • Input / Output Inversion
  • Input activation delay (de-bounce)
  • Output activation delay (pre-trip)
  • Output release delay (trip hold)
  • Output hold in event of comms loss
  • Directional Comparison blocking mode
  • Unblocking
  • Trip Input /Output Disable
  • Input Or-ing & And-ing

Remote Access and Control

  • eXmux 3501 VNMS


  • Optically Isolated Inputs
  • Input Voltage 24V, 48V, 125V, 250V
  • Solid State Outputs
  • Relay Outputs
  • Compression or Screw Block Terminal

Status Indicators

  • Inputs, Outputs, and Communications / Alarm Status LEDs
  • Minor & Major Alarm LED and Form C Contacts

Sequence of Events (SOE)

  • Records: 1500 SOE Records
  • Synchronization: NTP/SNTP/IEEE 1588


  • TDM over IP: Two independent Single 64Kb/s DS0
  • Serial to IP with Encryption* (*Future option)
  • Compatible with IMUX 2000 MTS Transfer Trip Module (TDM over IP mode only)
  • Ping Pong Round Trip Delay measurement
  • Trip Function Disable Switch

Network Diagram Example

The above example is a typical communication network using the RFL EXMUX® 3501 TPS.

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VNMS example

EXMUX® 3501 Visual Network Management Software.

EXMUX® 3501 Visual Network Management Software

The EXMUX® 3501 IP Access Multiplexer comes with an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) Network Management Software for Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P). The intuitive and user friendly EXMUX® 3501 VNMS is designed to allow the user to manage their EXMUX® 3501 network, making configuration, port mapping, network monitoring and diagnostics simple and easy.

EXMUX® 3501 Visual Network Management Software Feature Summary:

The VNMS communicates using the latest SNMPv3 for authentication and encryption along with cyber security features meeting NERC requirements. The Network view provides the user an overall view of the network and the status of each node in the network and is further enhanced by allowing the user to graphically represent the physical interconnection of each node in the network. The Node view displays a virtual physical view of the unit as configured with real-time status information. Programming details of each module are easily accessible by a simple double click on the module.

The uniquely designed Port Mapping interface allows the user to easily map any port on an EXMUX® 3501 to any other EXMUX® 3501 on the network by a simple point and click (“Map this Port”) function. The dynamic Current Active Alarm view gives the user specific information as to which node is in alarm, the type of alarm, the source and the description of the alarm so that diagnostic can be straightforward and quick. The “Tooltip” function provides the user “On-demand” information on any setting, status and alarm from any screen without the need for a manual or cumbersome Help function.

Please Download EXMUX® 3501 Visual Network Management Software in the Customer Area (requires RFL Customer Account)

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