9508D UCC Digital Powerline Carrier Multiplexing System

  • RFL® 9508
RFL 9508 DSP Powerline Carrier System

Product Description

The RFL® 9508D UCC Powerline Carrier System comprises two integrated subsystems that consist of a highly integrated fully digital PLC terminals that incorporates the latest Digital Signal Processing technology (DSP) along with a unique digital packetizing multiplexer that integrates voice, data, multiple T1 or E1 data ports, and IP traffic over the digital power line carrier link.

The RFL® 9508D UCC offers a choice of two power output levels, and a wide range of options that also include plug-in teleprotection modules to complete an integrated communication system design.

The system is capable of Drop and Insert operation at the T1/E1 level. These features make for a unique product that integrates power line carrier sub-networks into large corporate WANs.

The equipment is designed to operate in the harsh environment of electric utility substations and is based on the successful and proven RFL® IMUX 2000 T1/E1 multiplexer where thousands are in use around the world.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrate high quality voice and multiple channels of variable rate data traffic across a reliable narrow band power line carrier link.
  • Use as a digital link between a power line and any existing or new digital network of any protocol.
  • 50 or 100 Watt PEP output power.
  • Programmable from 20kHz – 500 kHz frequency range with no components to change in the field.
  • Use to extend a WAN to a remote location over the power line.

Teleprotection Electrical Specifications

Optically Isolated Inputs:

  • Operating Voltage Range:
    • 48 Vdc     38-60 Vdc
    • 125 Vdc     88-150 Vdc
    • 250 Vdc     200-280 Vdc
  • Input threshold 1/2 normal station battery.

Solid-State Outputs:

  • Maximum continuous output current      1 A
  • Minimum output current     20 mA
  • Maximum open circuit voltage     280 Vdc
  • Maximum turn on delay     100 µs

Optional Relay Outputs:

  • Maximum continuous output current 2 A (inductive)
  • Maximum surge current (100ms)     30 A
  • Maximum breaking current     1 A (resistive)
  • Maximum open circuit voltage     280Vdc
  • Maximum operate time     5 ms
  • ESD Withstand     IEC-610004-2, ANSI C37.90.3
  • RFl Withstand     IEC-60834, ANSI C37.90.2
  • SWC Withstand     IEC-801-4, ANSI C37.90.1
  • Dielectric Withstand     2500 Vdc per IEC-60255-22-1 and IEC-60834-1

Alarm Relay

  • Output Form     “C” (spdt)
  • Open Circuit Voltage      300 Vdc
    • Current (continuous)      1 A
    • Breaking Current      1 A, Non-inductive

RF Band

  • Frequency range     20 to 500 kHz
  • Full duplex Channels      1 RF Channel
  • Channel Bandwidth      2.5, 4, 8, or 16 kHz
  • Selectivity
    • Overall (4 kHz from Bandedge)     <= -75 dBmO
    • Channel (0.3 kHz from Bandedge)     <= -65 dBmO
  • Impedance      50, 75, 100 or 150 Ohms unbalanced or balanced

AF Band

  • AGC dynamic range      +14 to -26 dB, or + 20dB
  • Background Noise      <= -55 dBmOp (IEC 495 recomm)
  • Harmonic Distortion      <= -40 dBmO F=400 Hz (IEC 495 recomm)
  • Group Delay      (IEC 495 recomm)
  • Frequency Stability      3 0.5 Hz at 250 kHz (32 ppm)
  • Tx Line Filters      Adjustable from 20 to 500 kHz
  • Rx Line Filters      Adjustable from 20 to 500 kHz
  • Minimum sensitivity      -30 dBm


  • Frequency      3825, 3600, 2385, or 7825 Hz
  • Type of modulation      FSK
  • Frequency shift      3 30 Hz from channel      center frequency

Environmental Conditions

  • Ambient Temperature Range     -20 to + 65ºC
  • Relative Humidity     0 to 95% non condensing


  • 50W RFL 9508     38 lbs / 17.3 kg
  • 100W RFL 9508     54 lbs / 24.6 kg
Fig. 1 - Distant Teleprotection via Optic Link

Fig. 1 - Distant Teleprotection via Optic Link

Available Files

Files Available in the Customer Area

Please visit Operating Manuals or Product/Software Downloads to download relevant files. Requires RFL Customer Account.

Please visit Operating Manuals or Product/Software Downloads to download relevant files. Requires RFL Customer Account.

Network Management Software 1.2

Network Management Software 1.2

RFL 9508D Network Management Software 1.2

This software is used to interrogate and program the RFL 9508 DSP Powerline Carrier system. Click above to download the executable file. Windows 2000 or higher is recommended for use with this software.

Download this software in Product/Software Downloads

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