Power Line Carrier Solutions

Power Line Carriers

Power line carrier (PLC) describes the entire process of communication using high-voltage powerlines as the means for transmission. Powerlines provide a reliable link because of their unusually rugged construction, and also offer freedom from restrictions imposed by common-carrier regulations. PLC communications are typically in the form of speech and/or tones for telegraph, telemetering, telecontrol, higher speed data applications, and line protection. Line protection is often the most important and critical application for the power line carrier system.

RFL’s PLC solutions are well into their fourth-generation, providing highly-reliable power system protection. Many of RFL's PLC products are backed by a 10-year warranty, along with product and field support, and commissioning assistance. RFL PLC platforms provide the highest level of security and dependability, to help deliver power safely, reliably and cost effectively.

Terminals (FSK and On-Off)

Terminals (FSK and On-Off)

9780 | 9785

Terminals (Single Side Band)

Terminals (Single Side Band)

9508 Analog | 9508 Digital

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