Communications Solutions

Communications Solutions

RFL's communications solutions are engineered to modernize the substation’s infrastructure. Each comms platform is designed to transport mission-critical signals reliably between substations and control centers. Whether packet-based or legacy TDM, our solutions allow power utilities to deliver power safely, reliably and cost effectively, ensuring power system protection signals arrive on time, every time.

eXmux® 4500 Multi-Service Access & Transport Platform

The eXmux® 4500 Multi-Service Access & Transport (MSAT) Platform is designed to address the challenges of network IP migration and infrastructure upgrades; allowing utilities to move forward in modernizing substations without the worry of future integration or legacy applications.

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eXmux® 3501M - IP Access Multiplexer

The RFL™ EXMUX® 3501 is a substation-hardened IP Access Multiplexer engineered for mission critical infrastructures to transport voice, serial, relaying protection, SCADA, video and Ethernet data communications over Ethernet/IP or MPLS networks, providing the flexibility of backward compatibility with legacy devices and forward compatibility with Ethernet devices on the same communications platform.


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Utility Industry Solutions

Utility industry and electric utility white papers by RFL providing communications and protection solutions to today's challenges, such as migrating data from leased lines.

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