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Your world is changing and so are we.

At RFL, we know your needs change much faster than your infrastructure. Our comprehensive line of communications equipment and power system protection solutions meets you wherever you are to help you bridge the gap from yesterday to tomorrow.

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Your World is Changing and So Are We

Protect Your Substation InfrastructureCommunications Equipment & Power System Protection Solutions

Introducing EXMUX® 3500M - Communications Equipment

eXmux® 3500M
Communications Equipment

The RFL EXMUX® 3500 is a substation-hardened IP Access Multiplexer engineered for mission critical infrastructures.

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GARD 8000® - Power System Protection Equipment

GARD 8000®
Power System Protection

The GARD 8000® Single Function PLC channel is a product that can be programmed as Frequency-Shift Keyed power line carrier system or as an amplitude-modulated ON/OFF powerline carrier transmitter/receiver terminal.

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Utility Industry Solutions

Utility industry and electric utility white papers by RFL providing communications and protection solutions to today's challenges, such as migrating data from leased lines.

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RFL offers a 24-hour emergency service program that provides specialized service anytime, anywhere in the world. All of RFL Electronics Inc.'s products are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are supported by a team of highly trained customer service engineers.

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