eXmux® 4500 Multi-Service
Access & Transport Platform

The eXmux® 4500 Multi-Service Access & Transport (MSAT) Platform addresses the challenges of network IP migration and infrastructure upgrades.

RFL eXmux® 4500

The eXmux® 4500 is designed to modernize and retain legacy applications while adapting to future network needs. Learn about all of the features and benefits in the multi-service access and transport platform in the complete video series.

Ensuring Reliability & Performance

Get the benefits of a modernized network without compromising reliability, survivability, operational network needs, and security.

Addressing Technology & Knowledge Gaps

Reducing network complexity; and offering a guided management system that helps both seasoned and newer engineers work seamlessly during network migration.

Addressing IT/OT Gap

Providing a single integrated network solution; offering migration at their own pace without the worry of future integration.

Ease of use of Circuit Provisioning

Whether you are provisioning an Ethernet virtual connection (ELINE or ELAN or HITLESS), or a TDM connection, the drag-and-drop and user-guided approach allows for an effortless process.

Ease of Use – Troubleshooting

Deploy in hours…not days with the drag-and-drop user interface and the guided approach to provisioning, speed up troubleshooting and reduce user errors.