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About RFL

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Delivering solutions that work. Period.

RFL Electronics Inc. designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of highly-reliable, mission-critical, cost-effective communications and protection solutions for the electric utility and transportation markets, oil and gas markets, Government agencies and engineering consulting firms.

At RFL, we recognize that your needs change more often than your infrastructure, so we are continuously innovating to give legacy equipment the advantage of today’s technologies. We don’t simply provide static products but instead offer dynamic solutions that can accommodate both current and future requirements.

Our highly adaptable solutions offer more features for more flexibility to fit your specific needs. Your custom-engineered solution arrives, factory tested and ready for deployment.

And when we deliver, we also deliver our reputation. As long as you own your equipment, you own the attention of RFL. We see you as our partner and we want to ensure that we are working for you—now and over the long haul.

RFL Electronics Inc. was acquired by Hubbell Power Systems Inc. in 2015.

RFL Electronics Inc. is also NSAI ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Utility Industry Solutions

Utility industry and electric utility white papers by RFL providing communications and protection solutions to today's challenges, such as migrating data from leased lines.

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RFL offers a 24-hour emergency service program that provides specialized service anytime, anywhere in the world. All of RFL Electronics Inc.'s products are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are supported by a team of highly trained customer service engineers.

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