Control & Telemetry Equipment

Control & Telemetry

RFL Control & Telemetry equipment is designed to perform a multitude of applications, and can perform in basic to the most-complex system configurations. See our current product offerings below.

Control & Telemetry

The RFL 9850 TX (Fig. 1) is a fully-programmable FSK tone transmitter. It can be programmed to operate on any standard center frequency from 300 Hz to 3200 Hz, with frequency shifts up to 300 Hz and at speeds up to 600 baud (2F operation only).


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Utility industry and electric utility white papers by RFL providing communications and protection solutions to today's challenges, such as migrating data from leased lines.

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RFL offers a 24-hour emergency service program that provides specialized service anytime, anywhere in the world. All of RFL Electronics Inc.'s products are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are supported by a team of highly trained customer service engineers.

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